Our body is an amazing thing that was created with order and the ability to heal itself under optimal conditions.  Unfortunately, these conditions are hindered by events that are difficult for us to avoid and disrupts the healing nature which may lead to chronic pain, disease and degeneration.  These conditions steal from our ability to live our lives to their fullest.

The roots to these unavoidable conditions that cause so much distress include toxins from food/environment, excess medications, stress, to name a few, but commonly it is trauma or overuse often restricting our joints from moving properly and result in chronic pain/inflammation often hindering the neurological transmissions through the joints and eventually leading to disabilities and earlier degeneration.

Wow! So, what can we do at our clinic to help you?

It’s a Big Task

At Reynolds Chiropractic our goal is to help you move in a direction that will increase your standard of living significantly.

Chiropractic focuses on the nervous system. All information is dispersed to the body via the nerves through the spinal column.  When joints are in dysfunction due to trauma or over use, organs and muscles receive limited neurological impulse from the brain and the degenerative/disease process begins.

As a chiropractor, I strive to remove nerve interference through chiropractic adjustments, therapy and exercise which are discussed briefly in services and educating you on how to help yourself.  Prior to treatments we will discuss and decide if this is the appropriate step for you.  This may also include ordering x-rays, MRI or even referring you to other health professionals if indicated.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

I specialize in the IQ Impulse Adjusting Method.   This technique involves using an instrument to adjust joints in a powerful, but gentle, non-traumatic method with no twisting or jerking.  This impulse into the joint stimulates the neurological aspect of the joint complex.  Also, the restrictions at the tendon/muscle juncture are released giving the joint much more freedom to move in its intended range of motion allowing for healing to take place more quickly.  I also use, when indicated, the more traditional technique called Diversified for cervical and thoracic subluxations.

Let’s begin with getting you back to your work, sports, hobbies and living life as fully as you can.

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